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Malta’s deluxe shipping & yachting sectorThe Malta flag boasts one of the largest flag fleets in Europe. Malta has for years been an ideal jurisdiction for the registration of commercial and pleasure yachts. Our maritime authority is highly efficient and offers a brisk registration process. In fact the owners of more than 260 super yachts (vessels over 30 metres in length) have already chosen Malta as a base for their yachts.

In the industrial shipping sphere to date, Malta is still offering numerous fiscal benefits through the tonnage tax system which basically replaces income tax based on profits with a nominal fixed tonnage fee.  Amongst other benefits which ship owners can enjoy in Malta are:

  • No restrictions or taxation on the sale and mortgaging of Maltese registered ships
  • Exemption from duty on documents on the sale or transfer of tonnage tax ships and shares in Maltese shipping companies.

Furthermore, non-resident officers or employees of such qualifying shipping companies, as well as the shipping company itself, are not subject to social security contributions.  These benefits are also extended to companies carrying out qualifying ship management activities rather than the actual ownership, chartering and/or operation of ships. 

The yachting sector in Malta supports both pleasure and commercial crafts.  Whereas commercial yachts used for business revenue generation could be subject to the aforementioned treatment, pleasure yachts enjoy first-string VAT savings opportunities mainly through leasing structures.  From an infrastructural point of view, Malta boasts among the most high-end marinas, fuel bunkering and technical expertise.

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