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Do you know that in Malta you can claim back Value Added Tax incurred on business related activities carried on while you are abroad?

VAT paid on hotel bills, trade fairs and conferences, transport, etc. forms a significant percentage of the expenses incurred while on business trips. You do not need to forfeit these amounts and we can assist in the filing of claims for a refund on your behalf from any EU State.

VAT on expenses incurred while you are away on a business trip is not reclaimable though the Maltese VAT return and so these amounts are added to the net cost of the services you receive while abroad. Thus your travel expenses may be inflated unnecessarily.

Remember, standard VAT rates in the EU vary between 15% in Luxembourg and 27% in Hungary - so the additional money you are losing is not insignificant.

Contact our Tax Advisor, Benjamin Griscti on for more details.

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