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Why is Malta Europe’s largest register?

There’s little doubt that the stable, efficient and a strategic island of Malta is an excellent location for shipping and yacht registration.

Key to the island’s success is of course Malta’s international maritime register, which attracts clients as far as South America and Asia.

Historical Roots

It started with the Phoenicians, who used to use Malta as a transshipment hub between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

From that point onwards, Malta never ceased to flourish as one of the best maritime hubs. In the 16th century, the Knights of St John transformed the harbour area by building Malta’s new capital: Valletta. Malta’s Grand Harbour area was the main focus for the British between the 19th and 20th century, who used it as their major naval base in the Mediterranean.

The Maltese Flag

When Malta became Independent, ship registration gradually became the main engine of growth in Malta’s maritime sector. In the past 15 years, Malta not only managed to double its register and tonnage, but also overtake Greece and Cyprus, to become Europe’s largest.

Malta’s register includes:

  • Superyachts
  • Oil tankers
  • Cruise ships
  • LNG carriers
  • RORO ships
  • Bulk carriers

The figures? Today 6,200 vessels sail under the Maltese flag (including 400 superyachts registered in Malta by the end of 2013).

And these figures do not come as a surprise… after all Malta offers:

  • Excellent Yacht Marinas
  • Shipbuilding and repair services
  • Cargo port facilities
  • Finance, law and insurance facilities

So why should you choose the Maltese flag? Keep a look-out for the next blog post, or contact us for more info.

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Thanks for sharing. Hopefully these details prove people that you offer a very good jurisdiction for your yacht registration and more generally as a flag nation. If you have any questions about the process, or would like to investigate the specific circumstances of your own yacht, please contact me for a confidential discussion.

01/02/2017 07:05