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The Facts

Recently, the island of Malta has received several high acclaims like: most beautiful island in the world, heaven on earth, and the best climate on earth.

It is little wonder that there was a significant increase in expats. And… Malta is welcoming them with open arms, especially when taking into consideration recent programmes and schemes that were introduced, like:

  1. The Residence Programme for EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals
  2. The Malta Individual Investor Programme
  3. The Global Residence Programme for non-EU Nationals

In fact, thanks to the above programmes, whilst Malta has always been popular with people from the UK and Scandinavia, now it is also attracting individuals from Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

Enjoying life in Malta is easy

Since joining the EU in 2004 and the Schengen area in 2007, there are currently over 21,000 foreigners, which make up around 5% of the total population, living in Malta.

Why do expats enjoy living in Malta?

  1. The island’s short distances between destinations saves commuting time.
  2. Over 300 days of sunshine per year and crystal clear sea.
  3. Multilingual: whilst English is, together with Maltese, the official language of the island, the Maltese are also fluent in Italian, whilst German and French are also quite popular.
  4. Friendly and hospitable population.
  5. Low crime rate.
  6. Low cost of living when compared with other EU countries.
  7. Excellent medical services, with a government hospital and several private clinics around the island.
  8. An enviable social life catering for all ages, with bars and restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. Rich culture, and several ongoing events like big concerts and outdoor festivals.
  9. A wide variety of property for buying or rent.
  10. A respected university and also above UK-average schooling in English-speaking schools.

Want to know more?

In the coming blog post, we will take a more in-depth look into each residency scheme to see which one might be of interest to you.

In the meanwhile, why don’t you contact our tax advisors to find out more about residing in Malta.

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