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e-MoneyBeing one of the first EU member states to allow stand-alone e-Money institutions, Malta is an ideal place where to set up your e-Money institution.

Recently, there were amendments to the Maltese law, including the reduction of the initial capital required.  In fact, the required initial capital has been lowered from €1 million to €350,000, making it an excellent option to smaller operators and newcomers to access the market. 

Other benefits of e-Money institutions in Malta include:

  • The presence of 250+ eGaming companies established on the Island – all of them requiring payment services
  • Competitive operational costs (such as salaries and office rents) when compared to other European countries.
  • One of the most advanced telecoms networks in the world, hence attracting other eCommerce companies to the Island.

In June 2011 Malta transferred the EU electronic money institutions Directive, regulating e-Money institutions, into Maltese law. Furthermore, these institutions also fall under the scope of the Financial Institutions Act.

Presently Malta has issued four e-Money institution licenses and is looking at further possibilities of expansion. 

KSi Malta provides professional assistance with the Licensing of your e-Money Institution. This mainly consists of consultancy and support services throughout the application

Contact Joseph Gauci or Bernard Gauci for more information.

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