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Malta EU FundingKSi Malta focuses on accessing and managing EU funding, providing both guidance and hands-on support to various organisations (be they private companies, public organisations, or NGOs) in the application and project management phases. Public or in-house training on these matters is also being provided.

Hands-on support

Advising and supporting organisations in exploring, accessing and managing EU funding for the implementation of their activities and achievement of their objectives. Assistance is provided all along the project life cycle stage, for both EU funding administered directly from Brussels and for Malta based programmes falling under the Structural Funds:

  • Initiation - identifying appropriate funding programmes for clients’ envisaged initiatives and assessing the feasibility of receiving such funding support;
  • Application - developing ideas into structured projects, searching for European partners as necessary, representing the client in European fora and networks, drafting and submitting funding proposals;
  • Implementation - negotiating the grant agreement with the European Commission funding body, managing the project and the consortium, promoting the project, grant administration, technical and financial reporting;
  • Follow-up - devising a plan for the exploitation of results, organising outreach activities, coordinating and conducting workshops, seminars, trainings;
  • Evaluation - preparing the audit trail necessary for any post-implementation checks from EC.