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In the past decade, Malta has established itself as one of the most prominent fund jurisdictions worldwide with over 600 funds currently licensed and operating from Malta. Being part of the EU, Malta offers an EU law compliant jurisdiction, being in line and on the forefront of the entire framework of fund legislation, including the UCITS directive and the more recent AIFMD. A further element which has enhanced Malta’s reputation is the MFSA, which is the local financial services regulator which has been dubbed as highly meticulous but efficient and practical, allowing for financial services businesses to flourish while keeping the standard at a very high level.

The Maltese Jurisdiction offers enhanced flexibility through numerous structural options for both retail and also professional funds, allowing fund managers and fund operators enhanced flexibility in how to launch and operate their fund.  In Malta, funds can be structured as close ended (INVCO) or open ended (SICAV) corporate structures, as contractual funds, as a partnership and also as a trust. SICAVs are by far the most popular fund structure. The law also allows for umbrella fund structures. Additionally, the law allows for both internal and external fund administration and fund management. To be in line with the AIFMD, the Maltese jurisdiction caters also for fund managers who are fully AIFMD compliant while also allowing de minimis fund managers to opt for specialized fund structures with reduced compliance and disclosure requirements for professional investors which would be ideal for small fund managers managing start up hedge funds, property funds or private equity funds. The requirements of such fund structures vary depending on the type of investor the fund seeks to attract.

Establishing a fund in Malta is also very cost effective compared to other European Jurisdictions like Luxembourg due to low start up fees and relatively low professional fees without however sacrificing efficiency and quality.

At KSi Malta, we can advise and assist you in the setting up of any legal structure for your fund, acquiring and fund licensing, as well as finding a fund manager or a custodian for any fund which you wish to establish.