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Availability of Business Incentives

Apart from all the fiscal advantages available, which act as a major business incentive, Malta also provides a number of incentive schemes for the promotion and expansion of industry, and the development of innovative enterprises.

Who can benefit?

Incentives are normally available for foreign direct investors and local enterprises demonstrating commitment towards growth, increase in value added and employment. Enterprises engaged in manufacturing, ICT development activities, Call Centres, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology among others; may benefit from these incentives.

Types of Incentives

The range of incentives on offer is wide and continuously expanding. Most of the incentives relate to:

  • Investment Aid Tax Credits
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Development Incentives
  • Business and Competitive Development Incentives
  • Aid for access to finance
  • Aid to train and educate staff
  • Research and Development Aid

If you would like to know more about the various incentives available in Malta and how to avail of them, or to discuss any other fiscal matter, please get in touch with Bernard Gauci ( or Benjamin Griscti (