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Maltese employment and industrial relations legislation seeks to safeguard the interests of both employers and employees. Harmonious relations between employers and employees are essential for the success of any business enterprise and unfortunately conflicts between parties are the order of the day in many companies. If not managed well, conflict can have serious adverse and costly repercussions.

At KSi Malta we believe in using various alternative dispute resolutions, whenever possible. These alternative methods are normally informal and confidential processes which include, but are not limited, to negotiation and mediation. Amongst the multiple benefits which can be derived from these processes is a much swifter and less costly resolution of disputes and conflicts. Very often such processes are deemed to be face saving and much less adversarial and confrontational than the ordinary litigation processes which dominate the existing customs up till now.

KSi Malta is offering assistance to both employers and employees on their mutual rights and obligations arising from employment relationships. Such assistance and advice includes the drafting of employment manuals, contracts of employment and advice on matters relating to redundancy, dismissals and Tupe. We also offer assistance in the negotiation of collective agreements and liaison with the Maltese employment authorities as well as assistance in the implementation and/or the demise of incentive schemes, work permits and assistance with proceedings before the Industrial Tribunal.