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Companies and individuals could be generating Intellectual Property (IP) without being conscious that such property has a value and ought to be protected.  Experience has shown us that many companies do not place an importance on policies regarding the recognition and protection of intellectual property.  Ensuring the protection of intellectual property is a necessary function for all businesses, as the exposure of these resources could lead to large financial and competitive losses. 

By planning ahead and deploying effective security strategies, holders can mitigate concerns associated with IP, and focus on other business goals and operations.  Nonetheless, we are aware of the fact that lack of expertise in this highly specialised field renders such a task problematic.

Besides advising and assisting companies in structuring their IP in the most tax efficient way, we also assist in the registration and licensing of IP rights including Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade names.  Owing to our international representation, licensing could also be undertaken in reputable registers outside Malta.