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There are several reasons for considering Malta as the ideal base for remote gaming operations. These include:

  • an efficient and relatively inexpensive licensing process;
  • low Gaming taxes;
  • the lowest effective corporate tax rate in Europe (at 5%) and the availability of a highly attractive participation exemption;
  • a stable political environment;
  • a modern and continuously improving legal and tax framework;
  • a gaming sector characterised by an accessible and flexible regulator;
  • an excellent telecommunications infrastructure;
  • equipped with modern hosting and co-location facilities; and
  • knowledgeable, flexible and multi-lingual labour force.

Activities which fall within the scope of Malta’s gaming regime

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), is Malta’s regulator for remote gaming. The LGA may issue licenses to all types of providers of remote gaming, including those involved in casino-style games, poker, sports betting, betting exchanges, P2P, skins and lotteries through all types of technological media including the internet, mobile, telephone and fax, among other media.