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Ship Registration in Malta has been on the increase these past few years thanks to the island’s strategic location, which helped it to become the largest shipping register in Europe and one of the largest ship registers in the world.

Yacht registration is very popular in Malta, thanks to favourable tax incentives. Vessels in Malta are registered both for commercial and leisure purposes.

The Maltese flag is not a flag of convenience but is well respected around the world.  The registration of ships and yachts under the Maltese flag offers many advantages, including:

  • low company formation and vessel registration costs,
  • no restrictions on the nationality of the ship owner,
  • tax exemptions or minimal tax obligations,
  • no restrictions on the nationality of the captain, officers and crew.

Being a small island with limited natural resources, Malta has long viewed the maritime industry as a pillar of strength and for this reason has sought to cultivate and equip it in the best of ways.  Malta’s ports and maritime infrastructure are among the best in Europe offering easy access at reasonable costs.

KSi Malta offers various services for the registration and maintenance of vessels and yachts under the Maltese Shipping Register and the guidance of the Malta Maritime Authority. 

KSi Malta is also an authorised Registration Agent of Liberian Corporate and Ship Registry.