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About KSi Malta

At KSi Malta clients can benefit from 40 years of practical knowledge in taxation, legal advisory and the provision of general corporate services. KSi Malta values the skills, strengths and perspectives of its diverse team and prides itself on its staff professionalism to strengthen the firm’s competitive edge. Since inception, KSi Malta has encouraged a participatory relationship among all team members as well as its clients.

This flexible approach enables all parties to be involved during all processes that directly lead to the advancement of every client’s business objectives. KSi Malta draws on its ample experience in order to assist local business to grow as well as in supporting international companies interested in establishing themselves and operating in Malta. KSi Malta makes use of all the business contacts it has in order to support clients’ business requirements. Furthermore, the firm guarantees the utmost commitment to all its clients, whilst offering an efficient and tailored service.

KSi Malta is a member of Morison KSi, a global association of leading professional firms, established to meet the cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting needs of clients. It consists of 160+ member firms, is present in 80+ countries, employs over 10,000 staff, and has a turnover of $1 billion.

Our competitive edge



the right team

The Right Team

A professional and responsible team, including multi-lingual staff headed by senior consultants and lawyers with numerous years of experience and knowledge in various business sectors in Malta
a great firm

A Great Firm

A multi-function firm equipped with international tax advisors and lawyers
extensive services

Extensive Services

Provision of a number of services including company services, legal services and help to find potential business partners
stability and exposure

Stability and Exposure

Established for 40 years in Malta with a wide ranging pool of customers and exposure
clients first

Clients First

Provision of cost effective solutions and custom-made advice
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Our association with Morison Global

Morison KSi is a global association of leading professional service firms, serving the cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and consulting needs of clients.

Each member firm of Morison KSi is an independent legal entity and they are governed and administered in the countries in which they operate.

Each Morison KSi member firm offers a personal service based on a thorough understanding of both the local culture, and the particular international needs of its clients. The services provided vary and usually encompass audit, accounting, taxation and general business advice offered to a wide variety of industries, from small start-up businesses to publicly traded corporations.

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