Assisting Start-Ups and SMEs

At KSi Malta we understand the challenges that start-ups and SMEs often face at the initial stages of their operations and hence we are willing to be there to support them at every step of their business lifecycle. Whether it is assistance in setting up a company or registering for VAT and income tax, whether it relates to maintaining their payroll to providing legal support, at KSi Malta we into account your financial and non-financial needs and develop tailor-made service packages that move hand-in-hand with the development of the business.

In addition, at KSi Malta, we assist start-ups and SMEs in identifying support measures offered by Malta Enterprise, be it in the form of financing through soft loans, reimbursement or tax credits, that can provide the necessary financial impetus and support. To this end, schemes that may be of particular interest for SMEs and start-ups are:

  • Investment Aid Tax Credits for up to 30% of qualifying expenditure for investment projects carried out by entities that are classified as ‘small’;
  • Tax credits or cash grants of up to €200,000 over a period of 3 fiscal years for undertakings that carry out a project with the primary objective of expanding their business operation and managing an operational base in Malta through the Business Development and Continuity Scheme;
  • An initial grant of up to €10,000 and quarterly funding of up to €10,000 per quarter during the start-up period for start-ups with a viable business concept and in the early stages of their development through the Business START Scheme;
  • Start-up Finance of potentially up to €200,000 to finance innovative undertakings in their early stages of their development;
  • Start-up advances of a maximum of €100,000, limited to €25,000 for any six months, to support ventures in their initial stages of development;
  • Tax credits of up to a maximum of 65% of eligible expenditure to encourage start-ups and SMEs to innovate, expand and develop their operations; and
  • Micro Guarantee Scheme with the aim of accelerating growth by facilitating debt finance for smaller business undertakings through guarantees of up 70% on loans they might require from credit institutions.

To get to know about the schemes listed above and more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our personnel and we will gladly assist.


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