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Letters of Credit

As part of our corporate finance services, we specialise in advising companies on any type of Letters of Credit as well as assisting with the preparation of any documents which need to be presented to banks. At KSi Malta, we have extensive experience in the processing of Letters of Credit, particularly when dealing with Letters of Credit issued by North African and European Banks.

Why KSi Malta?

  • we have unique experience and connections with international banks;
  • we are able to assist you in obtaining confirmation of Letters of Credit through Maltese or international banks;
  • we undertake a pre-review of your documentation and advise on any potential issues that could arise prior to shipping thereby facilitating faster payments;
  • we guarantee expert preparation of all documents, including any certificates required, giving you peace of mind in knowing that everything is being handled professionally;
  • we strive to keep your banking fees at a minimum; and
  • we provide follow-up support as required on any issues that may arise.


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