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At KSi Malta, we understand the unique needs of venture investors and emerging companies, and as part of our corporate financial services we continuously seek to take advantage of any arising venture capital opportunities.

KSi Malta has strong and exclusive relationships with several international leading venture capital and private equity firms, and can provide clients with creative and cost effective solutions to meet their capital needs.  In addition, being part of various international networks, KSi Malta offers its clients the possibility to have access to specialists in other countries worldwide.

By identifying the best possible partners for your venture, we can help you raise the necessary funds in time, while offering several fresh perspectives to review your business concepts at the same time.  Despite the idea of venture capital being so appealing, unless you make the use of a reputable professional firm, finding the right investors can be very difficult.  KSi Malta is one of Malta’s most experienced professional firms in this area, and we are more than willing to assist you in giving your business ideas an effective push. 


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