Corporate Restructuring

Your business may be struggling and you will want quickly get to grips with any operational issues and start making a profit again.

KSi Malta can perform an operations review to identify operational inefficiencies, saving costs and overheads. We can look at unprofitable business segments, divisions or affiliates and any weaknesses in systems, procedures and controls

What KSi can offer?

  • Preparing a priority timeline for restructuring
  • Defining and implementing a restructuring plan
  • Provide operational consultation at each stage of the restructuring
  • Provide consultation services in cases of bankruptcy issues

We can also provide you with tailored advice when it comes to:

  • Helping you understand the causes of the company’s past shortfalls,
  • Assessing your business’ short-term and long-term viability,
  • Preparing short and long-term financial projections and cash flows,
  • Developing operational tools and reports,
  • Searching for business partners, or merger or acquisition opportunities


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