About Malta

Total Area316 km2
LanguagesEnglish and Maltese
CurrencyEuro (EUR)

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) is a modern citizenship-by-investment program aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide. It offers citizenship in a stable EU member state that is neutral and highly respected. The program also provides an efficient application process that adheres to the world’s strictest due diligence standards and vetting of applicants, which ensure that only the most suitable clients are admitted.

The Maltese archipelago lies virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean and consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, with a total population of over 500,000 inhabitants occupying an area of 316 km2. Malta is the largest island and the cultural, commercial and administrative centre. Gozo is the second largest island and is more rural, characterized by fishing, tourism, crafts, and agriculture. The national language is Maltese but the official languages of the country are both Maltese and English. Malta has an excellent climate, friendly people, a very low crime rate and is neutral, stable and safe. 

In 1964, after more than 160 years of British rule, Malta gained independence. In 1974 Malta became a republic with a parliamentary democracy system and a constitution. Malta has been an EU member since 2004 and a member of the Schengen area since 2007.

Eligibility Criteria 

Malta’s citizenship by investment program requires a person to make a substantial economic contribution to the country. In exchange, and subject to a very thorough application procedure including detailed due diligence and background verification checks, the applicants and their families are granted full citizenship. To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant should be at least 18 years of age and: 

  • be in receipt of stable and regular resources which are sufficient to maintain themselves and their dependents without recourse to the social assistance system of Malta 
  • be in possession of a valid travel document as well as their dependents 
  • possess clean criminal records 
  • demonstrate that they do not suffer from a contagious disease or a health condition that could become a significant burden on the Maltese health system 
  • prove residence in Malta for a period of at least 12 months


In addition to the main applicant, the programme also covers (at no additional commitments): 

  • Spouse 
  • Children less than 18 years of age 
  • Unmarried children between 18 and 26 years of age who are still dependent on the main applicant 
  • Parents or grandparents of main applicant or spouse who are still dependent on the main applicant 
  • Children over 18 years of age who are certified by a recognised medical professional as having a disability in terms of the Equal Opportunities Act (persons with disability) and who are living with, and are fully supported by the main applicant 

Obligatory Contributions 

  1. Payment of monetary contribution, as follows: 
    • Main applicant €650,000 
    • Spouse €25,000 
    • Children below 18 years of age €25,000 per child 
    • Unmarried children between 18 and 26 years and dependent parents/ grandparents €50,000 per person 
  2. Acquisition of property in Malta worth at least €350,000. Rather than acquired, property could be rented at a minimum of €16,000 annually. 
  3. Investment of at least €150,000 in a qualifying investment to be held for at least 5 years 
  4. Health insurance covering all risks across the whole of the European Union 

Process and Timeframe 

The application process which shall be completed within two years but not less than 6 months shall be constituted of the following six (6) main steps, to be taken one after each other: 

  1. Gathering of documents and validation thereof, followed by formal submission of application. Part payment of the contribution and the due diligence and passport fees shall be settled at this stage. 
  2. Identity Malta shall give confirmation if documentation submitted is in good order 
  3. The Approval in Principle shall be issued by Malta’s Competent Authority and the remaining contribution shall be settled. 
  4. The required Investment, property , and health insurance programme requisites shall be met. 
  5. Maximum of +490 days for the process to be completed (could be less subject to oath of allegiance and 12 months residence) 
  6. Issue of certificate of naturalisation 

Key Advantages 

  • Citizenship of a well-respected and stable EU country 
  • World’s strictest due diligence standards and vetting of applicants, thus ensuring only the most suitable applicants will be admitted 
  • Visa-free travel to 182 destinations 
  • EU citizenship gives right of establishment in all 28 EU countries and Switzerland 
  • Malta is an attractive place to live or to own a second home and is strategically located with excellent air links

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