Company Formation

Company Formation Malta

If you are looking to set up a Maltese company we can assist in its formation. You can choose a tailor-made company with a name of your choice (subject to availability) or a ready-made company (off the shelf), which is available for purchase and immediate trading.

In both cases, we can help you with the process of incorporation and can also coordinate the process of changing a company name. 

Our Company Formation Services

Our company formation services comprise the preparation and submission of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and registration for Income Tax and VAT (if necessary).

The share capital of a new company may be denominated in any foreign currency and not necessarily Euro (€).  There is a minimum capital requirement amounting to €1,160 in private companies with only 20% of the issued share capital necessary to be paid up.  Given that at the time of company formation, the company would still not have a bank account, the share capital must be remitted to a “company in formation” bank account with a local bank.

International Company Formation Services

Our company formation services are not only limited to Malta, but owing to our membership in international networks we are also in a position to assist in the formation and management of non-Maltese companies.


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