Dennis Mark Gauci

Partner - International Clients


Dr. Gauci is a highly experienced professional who has been working at KSi Malta since 2002. In 2008, he was appointed Partner in charge of International Clients, indicating his expertise in handling clients from different countries.

One of Dr. Gauci's primary responsibilities is overseeing International Clients and providing them with assistance in their marketing strategies and internationalization processes. He helps these clients leverage Malta as a hub for Europe and North Africa, utilizing its advantageous business environment.

With a Professional Doctorate in International Trade and Business, Dr. Gauci possesses in-depth knowledge in his field. He actively participates in various Trade Missions and Governmental Business Delegations, representing Malta and aiming to attract Foreign Direct Investment to the country. Over the years, he has successfully built a wide network of contacts, enhancing his ability to facilitate business connections.

Dr. Gauci's expertise extends to Financial Services, including areas such as Tax Planning and Group Structures, Vessel Registrations, Pharmaceuticals, Gaming, Fintech, Anti Money Laundering, and Combatting of Financial Crime. This diverse range of experience highlights his versatility and proficiency in handling different sectors.

Dr. Gauci's impressive professional profile continues with his involvement in various positions and organizations. In addition to his role at KSi Malta, he has been appointed as a Director in multiple companies, indicating his leadership and expertise in business management.

Moreover, he is a Member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry in various business sections. This membership illustrates his commitment to promoting economic development and representing the interests of the business community in Malta.

Overall, Dr. Gauci's extensive experience, academic qualifications, and industry knowledge make him a valuable asset in assisting international clients and contributing to the growth and development of businesses in Malta.

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