Webinar Compliance and Banking New Challenges and Opportunities

18/June/2020 | 18/June/2020

Compliance and banking are constantly providing new challenges and opportunities to organizations and industries across the globe. Some subject persons are finding it beneficial to outsource the compliance function of their firm resulting in more peace of mind and certainty that your company is ticking all the boxes.

Whether you are an estate agent, notary, or any other identified subject person, irrespective in what sector you may be operating in, let our in-house experts assist you and your company operate in line with regulations and help instigate a risk and compliance culture within your teams. Furthermore, we can help you operate in line with banks’ requirements to maintain your existing banking relationships or assist interested SMEs to establish new banking relationships with any of our trusted banking partners.


Date: Thursday, 18th June, 2020

Time: 15.30 – 16.30 CET


Please note that should you have any particular questions which you would like us to address, kindly forward them to our Director of Risk & Compliance, Mr Daniel Bilocca, on so that these can be addressed during the Q&A session that will be held after the presentation delivered.

We look forward to meeting you and, in the meantime, stay safe!

To book your place at the webinar kindly send an email to our Head of Marketing, Luca Caruana, on

PS: Kindly note that all webinars are recorded by the firm.


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