Bridge India

18/May/2022 | 20/May/2022

The Indian government has a bold ambition of growing the Indian economy from US$2.9 trillion today to US$5 trillion in 2024. India leads the world in startups, technology, telecoms, consumer goods, renewable energy and elsewhere. But it also faces unique challenges of climate change, unemployment, communalism, fake news, sustainable growth, and overburdened banking and power sectors.

Between May 18-20, 2022, the Partners of KSi Malta are delighted to be attending think tank Bridge India’s flagship “Ideas for India” conference in London alongside 300+ attendees from 10+ countries to celebrate India’s 75th anniversary and deconstruct its economic and social trajectory over the coming 25 years. Confirmed attendees include Ministers, business, technology and public policy leaders.


London Isaac Sammut

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