London Tech Week

12/June/2023 | 16/June/2023

KSi Malta will be participating at London Tech Week which will take place at Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London between 12 June – 16 June 2023.

KSi Malta has over 45 years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions and tailored advice to hundreds of start-ups, long-standing companies and individuals worldwide. We specialise in tax, payments, licensing and funding advice, having several expert consultants that assist clients in this regard both in Malta and even more so, on the international platform.

We have specifically set up a Start-Up Programme whereby with our experience and guidance, we will offer innovative companies and ideas an exclusively holistic service that realises true potential whilst ensuring adequate funding support to secure future prospects.

Non-EU Individuals and Start-Ups with innovative projects are also eligible for the Malta Startup Residence Programme (MSRP) which provides Maltese residency permits with access to European Markets for the founder, co-founder and key employees in Malta.

We cannot wait to get to meet you in person between the 12th June and 16th June, to identify, maximise and deliver a service that truly suits your needs. Jessica and Erica, who form part of our Advisory department, will be available for consultation sessions, simply by setting an appointment below.


Queen Elizabeth II Centre Jessica Camilleri

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