Dublin Tech Summit

29/May/2024 | 30/May/2024

KSi Malta Partner, Dr Dennis Mark Gauci, and Advisory Manager, Jessica Camilleri will be participating in the startup-focused atmosphere of the Dublin Tech Summit 2024, happening May 29-30 at the RDS in Dublin, powered by Tech MT. This event is a great opportunity for startups, providing a platform to showcase innovations, connect with industry leaders, and explore opportunities in sectors like Fintech and AI. With over 200 speakers and a display featuring 50+ partners and 150 startups, the summit is a beacon for cutting-edge ideas and networking in the tech world.

The summit is an essential stop for startups looking to absorb the latest trends, meet investors, and spark collaborations. Our team is excited about uncovering new ventures and technological breakthroughs that are shaping the future. It’s a prime opportunity for them to engage with the dynamic ecosystem driving technological advancements.

Meet them at the Dublin Tech Summit 2024 to discuss how startups are pivotal in transforming Europe’s tech landscapes and explore avenues for innovation and growth within the industry.


RDS, Dublin Dr Dennis Mark Gauci

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