Alternative Legal Structures

Setting up a Maltese company is one of a number of legal structures available under Maltese law and it is not always the best solution for certain businesses to simply open a company in Malta for a number of reasons. If a client would like to set-up an organisation which would be used as a club or a similar membership structure, an association would be more in line with his requirements, rather than a company. If on the other hand, a client would like to set-up an entity for estate planning, a trust or a foundation may be more suitable.

Such legal structures can be set-up to assist each other and thus one may have a group of companies which contained within, are other entities which are not companies. This can be structured as required by the client.

Such legal structures include:

  • Associations
  • Foundations
  • Trusts
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Commercial Partnerships
  • European Companies
  • EEIG

Our legal team at KSi Malta can assist you in setting up and also on the on-going maintenance of such legal structures.


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