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Corporate Law is one of the main advisory specialisations of the firm. Proper advice is essential both when setting up a company and also in relation to ongoing matters. For example it is in the interest of the shareholders to have share classes in place to be able to distinguish between the voting rights of the shareholders, while also having proper measures at board level to allow the directors of the Company to run the business properly.

When opening a company in Malta, the firm also provides advice on the corporate structure of the business. Corporate structuring is essential since it can allow clients to properly make use of the numerous benefits offered under Maltese law such as efficient tax structures. The amount of flexibility provided under Maltese Law also allows the shareholders to set-up a company for various matters such as:

  • A Finance Company;
  • A Standard Holding Company;
  • A Company holding Intellectual Property;
  • A Holding Company created specifically to hold high value assets, such as immovable property, vessels or aircraft;
  • A Fund or other financial services companies;
  • Setting up a Joint Venture.

We can also provide specific advice and services in relation to restructuring of companies, such as mergers and acquisitions, assisting the relocation of companies through re-domiciliation and also the closing of, of companies through liquidations.


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