GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation is the current EU regulation which protects personal data of individuals all across the union and affects each and every business due to the very wide definitions of personal data and what is considered to be processing of personal data.

Essentially, any business who has employees or keeps personal data of clients will be subject to some extent to GDPR and its implications, including the hefty fines incorporated therein for breaches of the law. Such fines could amount to 20 Million Euro or 4% of the gross global turnover of breaching company.

GDPR emphasises transparency, security and accountability for the controllers and processors of all personal data, while enhancing the data subject’s right to access to his personal data, making compliance with GDPR a tough, but useful process which, while ensuring compliance with the law, will make companies more efficient in the use of their data, eliminating incorrect or obsolete data from their systems.

Our highly experienced team of experts can assist you in becoming and remaining GDPR compliant providing:

  • A fully comprehensive IT and Legal GAP analysis of your system
  • Drafting of privacy policies and privacy notices
  • Drafting and reviewing of GDPR processor Agreements
  • Drafting and amending of employment agreements to be GDPR compliant
  • Providing training on the essential elements of GDPR
  • The drafting of policies for data breaches, retention, data subject requests and disaster recovery


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