Re-domiciliation of a company is the moving of a company from one jurisdiction to another without dissolving it and setting it up anew. This is very beneficial since, due to the fact that the company is not liquidated, its assets and liabilities will remain owned by the company, without incurring transfer expenses and litigation issues due to creditors, since the company will remain in existence and not killed off.

Malta provides a very flexible framework with allows for such, allowing foreign companies to move their entire structure to Malta, without going through the long process of liquidating a Company. The procedure in this regard is very simply and efficient and the company would not suffer any entry taxes by moving shop to Malta. After a company has moved to Malta, it will benefit from all the incentives that normal Maltese companies have like Malta’s efficient ta system.

To be able to benefit from the re-domiciliation of a company to Malta, some key elements need to be satisfied however:

  • The law of the country from which the company is moving, must allow for such a transfer;
  • The incorporation documents of the company must also allow for the moving of the Company;
  • The shareholders of the company must resolve in favor of the moving of the Company.

Should these elements be satisfied, a company can migrate to Malta, subject to the standard legal procedure.


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