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In today’s business world internationalisation is an important part of companies’ strategic plans for growth. In order to push forward this expansion a company relies on the drive of its employees as they tap into new markets.

When employees travel for business purposes, there are a number of considerations that should be made. From a tax and legal perspective, in a cross border employment situation, companies need to ensure that they are compliant with the complex legal, tax and social security obligations of both the outbound and inbound jurisdiction.

KSi Malta offers employee mobility support to companies and their employees in cases of crossborder employment. Through its local mobility team and international professional network, KSi Malta assists with the following:

  • Entry and Exit meetings for inbound or outbound employees to, or from Malta;
  • Tax and social security advice in connection with the employees’ assignment, also covering Malta’s fringe benefit legislation;
  • Malta tax and social security compliance;
  • Tax gross-up exercises;
  • Payroll and related services;
  • Assisting with registering employment with JobsPlus, the national employment, training and agency;
  • Handling notifications in connection with data protection;
  • Handing any immigration obligations (Malta Residence Permit applications);
  • Assisting with work permit applications;
  • Employment related legal support;
  • Real estate and logistical support


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