Start-up Investment Grant Scheme

Luca Caruana  -  24/August/2021

Why is this relevant to your business?

Investing in start-up companies can be risky, thus entrepreneurs might find difficulty in raising capital at the start of operations. The Start-up Investment Grant Scheme is a golden opportunity for start-ups as it part-finances their initial productive investment costs and helps them implement their business growth strategies.

Who is eligible?

Start-ups, being autonomous, unlisted Start-ups, established for less than three years, on condition that the Start-up has not yet distributed profits, has not been formed through a merger, and has not taken over the activity of another enterprise are eligible (assuming that the other criteria are met.)

Eligible start-ups should ideally be engaged in one of the following activities: information and communication technology (ICT) development activities, software development, the development and provision of tourism products and services relating to social tourism, and other activities.

How much is the grant?

The grant is limited to €300,000 per start-up and can cover up to 50% of eligible costs. Construction costs, costs for purchasing of equipment, machinery, and/or plant, costs related to patents/licences, and others can be covered by this scheme.

This grant scheme will remain effective until 31st December 2023.

Contact us for assistance!

Those interested in funding for their start-ups are to contact our Head of Advisory, Reece Delia on for professional guidance.

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