Investing in Skills (IIS) Scheme

Jessica Camilleri  -  7/December/2021

Why is this relevant to your business?

This scheme is a golden opportunity for employers who value employee retention and skill development. Investing in Skills is a funding scheme from the European Union with a budget of €5 million which is managed by Jobsplus in Malta. This incentive was launched to promote investment in human capital in the Maltese labour market as well as to increase productivity and enhance adaptability.

Who is eligible?

The following are all eligible for this scheme: individual self-employed, partnerships, co-operatives, companies, NGOs and social partners, family businesses, associations and voluntary organisations.

What is eligible?

Employers who apply for this scheme will benefit from an increased wage subsidy and an increased training cost subsidy. The aid intensity is set at 70% for micro and small undertakings whilst medium and large undertakings can get up to 60% and 50% back, respectively.

Eligible costs include classroom style training, e-learning online training and distance learning.

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