Start-Up Enhance

Jessica Camilleri  -  26/May/2023

Why is this relevant to YOUR business?

The Start-Up Enhance scheme is a great opportunity for start-ups that need to improve the productivity of their business most especially during the initial years.  

Who is eligible?

Micro and small-sized businesses which have been registered for up to 5 years are eligible to apply for this scheme.

Which expenditure is eligible?

Eligible expenditure under this scheme:

  • Equipment, plant and machinery (plus ancillary items)
  • Lease of private operational premises
  • Indirect costs related to the investment

How much is the grant?

Such businesses can benefit from a non-repayable grant set at a minimum of €10,000 and a maximum €400,000, part-financing eligible costs up to 50% for investments in Malta and 60% for investments in Gozo.

Contact us for assistance!

Contact our Advisory Manager, Jessica Camilleri on for more details on how your start-up can benefit from such funding opportunities.

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