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Jessica Camilleri  -  2/May/2024

Whether launching a new business, expanding operations, or transforming existing ventures, the Business Development Scheme offers essential support to contribute to economic growth, environmental sustainability, and innovation.

Eligible Undertakings

Enterprises that contribute or plan to contribute to Malta's economic development, environment, and sustainability are eligible for support under the Business Development Scheme. Excluded enterprises include those generating revenue through gambling activities, real estate as a business activity, wholesale or retail activities, or the provision of financial services. Applicants must also be in good standing with Income Tax, VAT, and Social Security payments and eligible for de minimis aid.

Type of Assistance

The scheme aids through cash grants and tax credits, empowering enterprises to pursue projects that drive regional development and foster economic prosperity. Support shall not exceed 75% of eligible expenditure, ensuring significant assistance for qualifying projects.

Maximum Aid and Eligible Projects

Enterprises can receive a maximum aid of €300,000 over three consecutive fiscal years to support eligible projects. These projects span various activities, including setting up, expanding, and modernising eligible activities, environmental actions, innovative new businesses, employment facilitation for workers with disabilities, collaborative projects, facility upgrades, business re-engineering, digital transformation, market access, and certification.

Eligible Costs

Various costs are eligible for support under the Business Development Scheme, including wage costs, lease and rental of industrial and non-residential properties, shared industrial or business facilities, advisory services, procurement of tangible and intangible assets, digital technologies, construction-related services, and employee relocation.

Application Deadline

Don't miss the opportunity to leverage the Business Development Scheme for your enterprise. The application deadline is 30th September 2030, providing enterprises ample time to apply for assistance and embark on projects that drive regional development and economic growth.


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