Possibility of Unsecured Loans for SMEs

Aldo Zammit  -  22/September/2012

The Government of Malta has recently launched a new borrowing guarantee scheme, called Micro Guarantee. This scheme will be open to small enterprises employing up to twenty people and will be overseen by the Malta Enterprise.

The Malta Enterprise will provide loan guarantees for investment of up to €100,000. Such investment has to first be approved by ME. If application for this scheme proves to be satisfactory, the entities involved would only need to provide collateral to cover 10% of their investment.

The main conditions are as follows:

  1. applications close by 31 December 2013;
  2. the applicant must not employ more than 20 employees, annual turnover must not exceed €4million and balance sheet total €2million;
  3. start-ups are eligible; and
  4. the applicant must have taxes and VAT all up to date. Compliance certificates from the Departments concerned are required.

For any queries about the aforementioned issue, kindly contact Mr Joseph Gauci (Managing Partner) at: or Mr Aldo Zammit (Partner) or Mr Brian Farrugia (Partner)

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