Appointment of Morison KSi Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Luca Caruana  -  2/September/2019

Morison KSi appointed Memoria Lewis as Morison KSi CEO with effect from 4 September 2019.

Memoria is a global citizen. She is a US and Canadian citizen and has made London her home. Memoria, a graduate from McGill University, Canada, did her MBA at INSEAD in France, where the focus was on cultural management and innovation.

Memoria has worked globally and held senior leadership roles with membership bodies where she has been responsible for being the members’ champion – delivering strategies that increased engagement, services and overall members’ satisfaction. She has experience in working with volunteer boards, like those of Morison KSi, and committees to develop and implement strategies to achieve agreed goals.

Memoria comes across as culturally sensitive, embracing diversity and inclusion as she believes it enables people to be their best, which drives innovation, creativity and performance. She is independent minded, exercises her judgement and takes guidance where necessary.

Memoria advocates team building, collaboration and open exchange of ideas to get better outcomes, and believes in leadership by action and example. She is deeply aware of the different uses of technology across generations and the importance of applications that appeal to the younger generation in the business environment. 

Memoria is married with two grown-up children who are her pride and joy. She is a member of a London choir and, should you be in London, she invites you to see her choir perform for charities.

KSi Malta welcomes Memoria Lewis and wishes her luck in her new role.

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