Morison KSi appoints new CEO

Luca Caruana  -  13/September/2018

Morison KSi has appointed its new CEO, Amanda Long, who will join the Morison KSi GEO on 7 January 2019.

Amanda is a highly-skilled CEO with 20 years’ professional experience working both nationally and internationally. She has an exemplary track record working in the private sector as well as social enterprise. Amanda has worked in membership organisations for much of her career. This has included an international trade association representing the interests of 4000 businesses of all sizes. Her current role is with Consumers International, a global consumer protection membership organisation representing over 200 organisations from 100 countries. 

The Morison KSi board of directors appointed a recruitment committee consisting of one board representative, Graham Tyler, Kingston Smith (UK), and two representatives from member firms, Lieve Hendriks, Van Havermaet (Belgium), and Carsten Deecke, Dierkes Partner (Germany), to lead the recruitment process and enlisted the services of a leading headhunting agency to source top-level candidates. The board was highly impressed with the calibre of the candidates, but from the shortlist, Amanda was the candidate that stood out.

On behalf of KSi Malta, we wish Amanda success in her new role.

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