The future of business between Italy and Malta

Luca Caruana  -  3/March/2021

Representatives of KSi Malta and Conf PMI Italia have met with Maltese ministers to discuss the basis for the future of business collaboration between the island and Italian companies keen to invest in the island.

Conf PMI (the National Confederation for Small and Medium Sized Business) is a representative organisation for Italian companies. 

The meeting involved the Managing Partner of KSi Malta, Joseph Gauci, who will soon be the President of Conf PMI in Malta. There were also the President of Conf PMI, Tommaso Cerciello, the Maltese Minister for Research, Innovation and post-Covid-19 strategy, Hon. Owen Bonnici, Elena Petronalla Matasaru, delegate for the internationalisation of the Balkans and Malta, and Don Basilio Calì, Grand Master of the Sovereign Order OSJ Knights of Malta.

Many Italian companies are very interested in expanding to Malta given the 5% tax on income and a “very flexible and easy” tax system, “based on the Anglo-Saxon model,” according to Another point of interest for Italian businesses is the 56,000 Italians already living and working in Malta.

Tourism usually accounts for 15 per cent of Malta’s GDP, and so many Italian businesses will be looking to invest in this sector as it will undoubtedly see a massive growth as Europe slowly recovers from this pandemic and returns to normal. 

Tommaso Cerciello said after the meeting, “we have analysed many areas for the start of a discourse of steady collaboration particularly for those businesses which wish to partially delocalise their activity. We are sure that together we can guarantee great opportunities to our respective nations. Only cooperation, solidarity and collaboration between these countries and the organisations which represent the world of business, will be able to help us to succeed in these difficult times. 

“Soon we will enter into a protocol of understanding which will formally establish our collaboration with the Republic of Malta.”

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