Opening an ICO Bank Account

Luca Caruana  -  2/August/2018

Banks are very resistant when it comes to opening up to the crypto and blockchain industry. In fact, one of the major problems for any organisation planning an ICO is getting a bank account. Naturally, without a bank account, an ICO cannot accept FIAT.

However, any serious ICO will have carried out KYC on all their contributors. Banks, like many others, do not understand this and thus prefer not to get into this industry. This is causing problems for the majority of ICOs. While certain transactions can be paid using crypto, FIAT is still a vital part of any business.

Opening a Crypto Exchange Bank Account

If you are looking to open a bank account for your crypto exchange, we have the right experts to guide you. We assist crypto exchanges in opening their bank account by guiding them in their KYC process, hence ensuring that banks will be comfortable in accepting their business.

At KSi Malta we also offer the following services related to Blockchain:

  • Advice on the regulatory status of Cryptocurrencies and companies trading in Virtual Coins
  • Act as VFA (Virtual Financial Asset) Agent by advising and guiding issuers in registering an ICO with the MFSA
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses under VFA
  • Tailored audit and accountancy services for Blockchain companies
  • Assistance in the legal aspect of Blockchain backed operations
  • Provision of solutions and advice on KYC related matters
  • Act as a registered system auditor
  • Assistance with smart contracts
  • Assistance in drafting white papers
For more information contact our Partner for International Clients, Dennis Mark Gauci, on
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