KSi Malta – Corporate Advisor for Prospects

 -  16/December/2017

As newly approved Corporate Advisor by the Malta Stock Exchange, KSi Malta now offers Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) access to capital markets via their new platform Prospects helping them play a greater role in growing the economy. Listed organisations out-perform their unlisted counterparts in terms of turnover, employment and profitability as a result of better corporate governance, efficiency and brand value.

What can KSi Malta do for you?

As Corporate Advisor, KSi Malta will assist with applying for admission to Prospects through the completion of the relevant application forms, business plans and other disclosure documents. The admission process is managed and regulated by the Malta Stock Exchange and turnaround is expected to last just one month from the date of formal application with all documentation. These lighter admission requirements allow for a more flexible regime as long as subsequently to admission to Prospects, the applicant’s relationship with its chosen Corporate Advisor is retained for as long as the company’s securities remain admitted.

What is required?

All documentation required to apply for admission to Prospects is available online making the application process very straightforward and efficient. Its cost effective access to finance offers and admission fee of €5,000 and on-going annual fee starting at €5,000 for a market capitalisation of up to €5million. Where the MSE requires additional skills and resources in order to process an admission application, additional costs may apply.

International Admission possibilities:

Prospects is a Maltese market operating structure but which is accessible to both Maltese as well as non-Maltese companies seeking to be admitted. The importance is the corporate advisor role which KSi Malta plays and that would need to be present in the country of domicile of the applicant in order to be able to monitor and engage with the applicant company.

By undertaking assignment services to a Prospects company, KSi Malta declares that it shall:

 -       Maintain independence, impartiality, objectivity, confidentiality and ethical standards ensuring that the Company shall identify, mitigate and, if not possible to eliminate, disclose any conflicts of interests and how such conflicts are managed

 -       To the extent allowed, a process by which the company, as Corporate Advisors, or its

Connected Person, may invest or trade in securities issued by our client Prospects Companies and the immediate disclosure of any such investment or trading therein

 -       Maintain quality assurance in respect of our services to client Prospects Companies.

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