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Joseph Gauci  -  20/December/2016
Another Exciting Year!

This was another exciting year for the firm. The firm continued to grow both in manpower and turnover. We also started offering new services to clients including assistance in preparing applications for EU Funds and in the compilation of tendering documents for Government work.

Also on 1st April 2016, Kingston Sorel International merged with Morison International to form Morison KSi, a $1 billion international association of independent accountancy firms operating in a wide variety of countries across the globe from the Americas to the Far East. Morison KSi has over 1000 partners and almost 9000 professional staff, with 375 offices in 88 countries. Each member firm of Morison KSi is an independent legal entity and they are governed and administered in countries in which they operate.

Such a merger will give the firm’s clients various advantages including better advisory services on a worldwide basis.

During this year we continued to maintain – the highest standards in audit quality and independence.  We ensured that we provide a high quality service to both local and international clients. We now provide various high quality services to clients which operate in various industries and sectors. Clients in return appreciate our expertise and knowledge as such assistance helps them to continue to grow and to master their businesses better and be more competitive.

We constantly invest in technology and train our staff to meet the ever increasing role that such technology has on audit firms. Keeping pace with changes is a constant challenge for all audit firms today.

We constantly enhance our quality assurance, ethics and management. We also have over the last years improved our Risk Management.  Our compliance section now has vast experience to ensure that proper assessment is done before we accept new clients and also that we are able to meet such engagement.

The firm has also participated in various venues abroad during the year. The main aim is always to attract new international clients and also to enhance its name abroad. We are for sure one of the main firms in Malta which attracts a large number of foreign clients. Our firm name is now very well known in several countries and we are proud of the reputation we have built over the years. Locally the firm continued to attract various new Maltese companies some of which are leaders in their sectors.  We really believe in our motto “Helping Clients Succeed”.

Finally we also give a lot of importance to social responsibility as a firm. This year we collected at least EUR 86,000 for the Malta Community Chest Fund. A remarkable achievement.

I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Joseph Gauci
Managing Partner of KSi Malta

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