New EU Grant Schemes Launched

Bernard Bartolo  -  14/July/2016

The Government of Malta is launching several EU Grants for Start-Ups and SMEs.

The following has already been launched:

  • €7 million for Start-Up Investment: you can benefit from up to €300,000 to kick-start your company
  • €8 million for SMEs: you can benefit from up to €500,000 to expand your business

Around 90 enterprises are expected to benefit from the above schemes

The following schemes will be launched soon:

  • €8 million for SME Diversification: you can benefit from up to €200,000 to diversify your business and make it more innovative
  • €5 million for E-Commerce: you can benefit from up to €5000 for your business to trade online
  • €2 million for SME Internationalization: you can benefit from up to €10,000 to internationalize your SME and explore better the international market
  • €1 million for SME Consultancy Services: you can benefit from up to €4000 for consultancy services to enhance your company

KSi Malta has several experts that can help you find the right grant for your business, and then take you through the application process. Our firm can help you develop your idea into a funding proposal and also by applying on your behalf for the Fund.

Interested in this opportunity? Contact our expert in EU Funding, Bernard Bartolo, on for further information.

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