BOV JAIME (Joint Assistance Initiative for Maltese Enterprises) Financing Package

Kristine Scerri  -  10/March/2016

The SME sector is critical to the Maltese economy.  Through the BOV JAIME financing package, SME’s may obtain financing of up to a maximum of Euro 500,000.

The BOV JAIME Financing Package provides SME’s with the financing for capital investment and related working capital at:

  1. Advantageous interest rates - An interest rate reduction of more than 2% when compared to normal market rates relating to such type of lending.  This results in a final interest rate of 3.5%; and
  2. Reduced collateral obligations - The Bank will seek to secure only 25% of the total portfolio amount.  At transaction level, the percentage amount of extendible security can increase or decrease in line with the risk profile of the proposal.   

This will assist your company to:

  • Improve the performance of your operations through capital investment and related working capital;
  • Invest in research and development and innovation which will contribute towards the launching of new products and services; and
  • Tap into new export markets by expanding and improving your Malta based operations.

At KSi Malta, we provide a range of services to assist you with obtaining the JAIME Financing Package, including assistance with compiling a professional business plan, preparing financial projections and the assessment of the viability of your business idea.

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