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Jessica Camilleri  -  6/January/2022

If a research and development project is in your business plans, this scheme is perfect for your business as it can fund up to 80% of your project’s eligible expenditure. The aim of this incentive is to assist Industrial Research and Experimental Development activities required by industry for the acquisition of knowledge leading to the development of innovative products and solutions.

This scheme also encourages cooperation between organisations by providing additional assistance for collaborative Industrial Research or Experimental Development projects. These projects may include projects accepted and endorsed by the EUREKA Network under its various instruments: Network projects, Eurostars, Clusters.

Who is eligible?

To be considered eligible, applicants must be either:

  • a partnership constituted under the Companies Act or a limited liability company;
  • a body of persons constituted, incorporated or registered outside Malta and of a nature similar to the aforesaid partnerships and registered as an overseas company in accordance with the Companies Act;
  • be duly registered as a co-operative society under the Co-Operative Societies Act.

Furthermore, applicants must not meet the exclusion criteria.

What is eligible?

Eligible costs include personnel costs, instruments and equipment, contractual research, technical knowledge and patents and other operating expenses.

How much is the grant?

Should the project be predominantly industrial research, the aid intensity is set at 70%, 60% and 50% for small, medium and large undertakings respectively.

For experimental development projects, this scheme can fund up to 45%, 35% and 25% of eligible expenditure for small, medium and large undertakings respectively.

A Project may receive an additional 15% of eligible costs over the above percentages, up to a maximum aid intensity of 80% of eligible costs, if one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

  1. The project involves effective collaboration as outlined above;
  2. The results of the project are widely disseminated through conferences, publication, open access repositories, or free or open-source software within one year of completion of the project and such intention is declared at application stage.

This scheme is applicable until the 31st of December 2023.

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