New E-Banking Service Solution for SMEs launched

Luca Caruana  -  7/January/2022

KSi Malta’s e-banking solutions partners enables SMEs to make use of multiple financial institutions at the same time, tailored to their business requirements. All under one roof.

The Risk and Compliance Manager at KSi Malta, Clare Deguara, said: ’This service will enable businesses to hasten the execution of bulk payments, schedule payments with ease, and also pay in different currencies amongst other benefits.’

‘We have a range of packages available tailored to the needs of our clients and prospective clients. One can apply through our website for the package that suits them the most.’

E-Banking is constantly being utilised by SMEs, and the practical solution, offered by KSi Malta’s partners, is a flexible and economical way to pay and get paid; has live FX rates at the time of transaction; and is a fully API-based system with client administration tools.

For further information one can contact Ms Deguara directly on or visit the following link:



KSi Malta does not hold any payment license and is not authorised or regulated by any Financial Services Authority.

The relevant E-banking solutions would be provided by accredited financial services firms who are authorised and/or regulated by the relevant Financial Services Authority in the country where they operate and service.

KSi Malta does not hold funds and/or participate in the flow of client money. Any segregation and safeguarding of the clients’ assets would be carried out by the by the relevant appointed financial services firm.

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