Investment Aid for Energy Efficiency Projects

Jessica Camilleri  -  24/February/2022

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for many people, especially in the business world.  For business owners, leaders, and administrators, sustainable business practices are becoming imperative.

The Investment Aid for Energy Efficiency Projects scheme supports undertakings in carrying out investments leading to improved energy-efficiency. The assistance is intended to facilitate investments in technological solutions that provide higher energy efficiency and contribute directly towards a reduction in the energy requirements of the beneficiaries.

The aid shall be awarded in the form of a cash grant/tax credit/combination of both.


Who is eligible?

This incentive is available to eligible undertakings that are duly registered in the European Union either as a partnership, a limited liability company or a similar set-up, have an operating base in Malta, and which adhere to the applicable State Aid regulations (vide Section 9).


For a project to be considered eligible:

  1. The project must entail an investment of at least €10,000 that is directly related to achieving energy savings; and
  2. Provide a corroborated justification from a competent person that the resultant estimated energy saving to be achieved as a result of implementing the proposed investment will be of at least 10%.


Projects must have the aim of improving energy efficiency and may include:

  1. Investment in substitution or upgrading of equipment and installations to reduce energy consumption.
  2. Renovation or upgrading of equipment of existing installation for heating (or cooling) systems.
  3. The improvement of energy efficiency of existing illumination systems.


How much is the grant?

The maximum aid intensity is set at 50%, 40% and 30% for small, medium and large undertakings respectively.

Applications for support must be submitted to the Corporation by not later than 31st October 2023.

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If your business is interested in analysing how it can go green, contact our Advisory Manager, Jessica Camilleri on for more details on this sustainable incentive.




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