SME Growth Grant Scheme

Isaac Sammut  -  26/September/2022

Staying abreast of all the schemes and funding opportunities may seem like a tedious task for businesses. We know!

This is why KSi Malta has a team of experienced advisors to lessen the burden and ensure that your business is tapping into the right funds.

One of the most exciting schemes with our clients has been the SME Growth Grant Scheme. With the active cut-off date extended to 30th December 2022, it is the opportune time to book a meeting with one of our consultants and see how we can help you grow your business.

The SME Growth Grant Scheme targets micro, small and medium-sized businesses and enables them to invest in opportunities to further generate higher revenue and development.

This incentive supports businesses through the provision of assistance in the form of non-repayable grants to part-finance initial investments in tangible and intangible assets towards the implementation of their growth strategies related to the extension of the capacity of an existing establishment, or the setting up of a new establishment.

The maximum grant value under this scheme is set at €500,000 with aid intensities varying from 10% to 35% depending on the size of the undertaking and where the project is located.

If your business in interested in constructing a new property, leasing private premises, purchasing equipment or machinery, and purchasing patents or licenses, this is the golden time to get in touch!

Contact our Advisory Manager, Jessica Camilleri on, and Business Development Manager, Isaac Sammut on to see how your business can benefit from this scheme.

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