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Jessica Camilleri  -  25/March/2024

The Micro Invest scheme is a cornerstone initiative aimed at incentivising businesses, including start-ups, family enterprises, and self-employed individuals, to invest in innovation and expansion. This program provides vital support to micro and small enterprises, empowering them to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


Eligible undertakings, defined as micro and small enterprises meeting specific criteria, can avail themselves of Micro Invest incentives. To qualify, businesses must employ at least one person and not exceed €10 million in turnover or annual balance sheet total in the preceding fiscal year. Additionally, they must be registered with the VAT department, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Scope and Support

Micro Invest offers a tax credit based on a percentage of eligible expenditure, covering increased wage costs incurred by businesses. This assistance is instrumental in facilitating investment in operations, fostering innovation, and driving expansion initiatives.

Tax Credits and Aid Intensity

Businesses can benefit from a tax credit of 45% of eligible expenditure, providing substantial support to fuel growth and development. An additional 20% bonus is available to undertakings operating from Gozo, further incentivising regional development and inclusivity.

Maximum Aid and Eligible Activities

The maximum aid under Micro Invest is €50,000 over any consecutive three fiscal years, except for businesses in Gozo, registered family enterprises, or those with majority female ownership. Eligible activities encompass various investments, excluding those excluded under specific regulations, such as wage increases, premises refurbishment, investments, motor vehicles, and certification.

Application and Deadlines

Claims for costs incurred between January 1st and December 31st of the preceding year can be submitted within specified deadlines, allowing businesses to leverage Micro Invest incentives effectively.

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Through Micro Invest, Malta demonstrates its commitment to fostering business growth, supporting economic development, and creating employment opportunities. Contact KSi Malta to help you in the application process.

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