Rent Subsidy

Jessica Camilleri  -  2/May/2024

The Rent Subsidy scheme is dedicated to subsidising the rental of private industrial premises to support various business needs. Whether starting a new venture, expanding operations, or optimizing supply chains, this initiative offers essential assistance to propel your business forward.

Eligible Undertakings

Limited liability companies, partnerships, or self-employed individuals can benefit from the Rent Subsidy scheme. To qualify, applicants must meet specific criteria, including having no outstanding dues related to VAT, Income Tax, and Social Security Contributions, and employing fewer than 250 full-time persons. Additionally, applicants must not be engaged in activities excluded under the de minimis Regulation or be subject to collective insolvency proceedings.

Qualifying Activities

The scheme supports a range of qualifying activities, including manufacturing, artisanal activities, industrial packaging, motor vehicle maintenance, machinery and electrical equipment repair, and warehousing and logistics activities incidental to the above.

Type of Assistance

Assistance under the Rent Subsidy scheme can take the form of cash grants and/or tax credits, providing flexibility to businesses in managing their rental costs. The scheme offers an aid intensity of 50% of eligible rental costs, ensuring significant support for businesses seeking industrial premises.

Maximum Aid and Eligible Costs

To subsidise their rental costs, businesses can receive a maximum aid of €50,000 annually, up to €150,000 over three years. Eligible costs include rental expenses directly related to the leased industrial premises.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is 31st October 2030, providing businesses ample time to apply for assistance and secure essential support for their industrial rental needs.


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