British Airways faces huge GDPR fine after data breach

Dr Josef Cachia  -  8/July/2019

The Information Commissioner's Office in the UK (ICO) has once again shown its determination in applying GDPR by slapping British Airways (BA) with its heftiest fine yet for a data breach that it had suffered. The fine of £183m, is tantamount to 1.5 percent of BA's worldwide turnover for its 2017 financial year. The incident occurred after the BA suffered a major personal data breach, affecting in all five hundred thousand of its customers. As a result of such breach, a variety of information which BA stored in its systems was compromised, including but not limited to details regarding the names and addresses of its customers, and also credit card information.

ICO’s decision comes just a year after the GDPR rules entered into force. It stated that the fine was necessary as the breach had occurred due to poor security arrangements at the company, and that it was not going to tolerate any misdeeds, especially when the individual’s data is concerned. This highlights the importance of proper security measures in protecting personal data of clients and customers.

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