Why should you register your Trademark?

Dr Josef Cachia  -  5/February/2020

Brand names and trademarks are one of the easiest ways to identify a certain product from a certain manufacturer. The name of a brand is a huge investment on the part of its owner as it requires years and decades of proper investment to create a strong brand name which customers can easily associate themselves with.

Needless to say, bad reputation carries with it negative connotations as well, and thus, to keep a high-level brand name, one requires constant investment. Association to brand brings about numerous connotations, such as quality, product type and even social class, since possession of certain products of certain brands bring about the implication that a person is wealthier. Brand loyalty is also very important in certain industries and in fact, certain producers and manufacturers rely on it. It is thus crucial that one prevents others from copying your brand names and trademarks since in such a case, the owner would be losing clients as well as risking damage to his own brand in the event that the provider of the fake brand provides bad products or services and can ruin years of investments.

Such protection is easily afforded through the law and one can register a trademark in essentially any country in which their products or services are going to be sold or marketed. This is done to prevent anyone from taking abuse of your brand name for their own benefit and the detriment of yours. While the registration process may seem simple, however, knowledge of the law is essential to be able to properly register your mark under the appropriate category and in the appropriate countries.

Fortunately, under EU law, one can, through a single application, apply for full protection of their marks throughout the EU, including Malta. Securing the protection is essential for anyone who seeks to enhance their brand name, otherwise, the investor runs the risk of losing their investment due to another taking advantage of his already established brand.

At KSi Malta, we have significant experience in Trademarks and other Intellectual Property rights such as copyright and thus can provide proper advice as well as assistance in their registration.

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